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Rugs aren't only meant to be walked on, you can also hang a rug on a wall to display its beautiful design, just like you would hang a painting! In this post, we tell you 3 easy ways to hang a rug on your walls.

1 . Rug Sleeves

The simplest way to hang a rug is to have a professional add a sleeve to the back of your rug. This is done by carefully stitching a length of fabric to the underside of the rug, generally wool or cotton canvas is used for this purpose, creating a sleeve that you can slide a metal or wooden rod through. The stitches can not be seen from the front of the rug, giving you a seamless finished look.

How to hang a rug on the wall with sleeve


How to hang a rug with curtain rod

How to hang an Oriental rug on the wall

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When hanging your rug, you can add extra visual interest by choosing a decorative finial and brushed metal rod. We recommend this J. Thomas Legacy Adjustable Rod with finial:

Rod for hanging a rug

2 . Rug Clips

Rug clips are a relatively quick and easy way to hang a rug and you can do it yourself! There are different types of clips to choose from, some hang from a hook, as seen in the image below, and some can be hung on a display stand or mounted bar.

How to hang rug with clips

We recommend these sleek matte black clips:


3. Quilt Hanger

For small or light weight rugs, a quilt hanger is a great option. Simply attach the quilt hanger to your wall and secure the edge of your rug between the two matching pieces.

How to hang a Persian rug

Whichever option you choose, your room will look absolutely stunning with an Oriental rug on the wall!


Rug hanging in bedroom

How to hang a rug on wall like art

Hanging rug on wall bedroom

Until next time, thank you for reading!

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