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Blog Feature: BBC Designed - The Timeless Appeal of the Persian Rug

cc: Houston Museum of Fine Arts
From contemporary art to fashion and even music, the symbolism of the famous Persian rug pervades in many of aspects of modern life beyond interior decoration, says Joobin Bekhrad.

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Blog feature: 'A Tale of Two Persian Carpets' now displaying at LACMA

'A Tale of Two Persian Carpets' - An Exclusive Display at LACMA
Two spectacular Persian carpets dating back to the first half of the 16th century, which are a part of LACMA’s coveted collection, is on display for the public after a considerable period of time.

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2017 Year End Sale: Low prices & Free gifts!

Main Street Oriental Rugs - Year End Sale 2017

Learn more and see some of the hand-knotted area rugs and home decor accessories that are currently on sale!

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