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What is a Soumak rug? Handmade Rug Education

What are Soumak rugs? Handmade Rug Education Series - Main Street Oriental Rugs

Soumak area rugs are not like other rugs you usually see. In this post we will explore what makes them different and why they might be right for your home decor or design project.

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The Beauty of Afghan Area Rugs

Afghani area rug
Hand-knotted Oriental area rugs have been around for many centuries; some of the first known area rugs were created as early as the 4th century. In this post, learn a little about the area rugs that are made in Afghanistan that carry on this ancient artform.

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Discolored Area Rugs: Washing vs Dying

Discolored area rug

Area rugs can become discolored over time from day-to-day use. In this post we talk about the difference between deep washing area rugs and dying area rugs to fix discoloration.

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