Karastan - Maharaja
Karastan - Maharaja Karastan - Maharaja Karastan - Maharaja
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Karastan - Sovereign Collection


This new Karastan collection exemplifies style and luxury. Taking inspiration from best selling designs, this collection redefines the Karastan legacy with stunning new colors. The combination of technology-performance design makes these rugs both innovative and timeless. The colors used in the creation of this collection have been individually skein dyed and finished with Karastan’s patented Lustre-Wash process to replicate the look and feel of magnificent hand knotted rug from which they were inspired. Crafted completely in the USA, these rugs set a standard for durability that endures.

• Axminster Woven Construction
• Cut Pile
100% Fully Worsted New Zealand Wool

Available Colors: Navy

Available Sizes: 4’3"x6’ | 5’9"x9’ | 8’8"x10’ | 8’8"x12’ | 10’x14’ | 11’5"x16’* | Runner* | Custom Size*

*Size may not be available in all patterns, please contact us for more information.