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Area rugs that have become discolored due to being used in high traffic areas of the home or from pets, can appear to be impossible to clean; the wool that the rugs are made of, can take on a yellow or dingy color that doesn't look very nice.

However, when this occurs, there are remedies. In most cases, the area rug only requires a good, thorough washing - this alone will usually bring the rug back to life, restoring the colors to what they originally were. The following area rug hadn't been cleaned in some time and had certainly seen better days, but with some care we were able to make it look like new again.

Area rug cleaning - before and after

In some more severe cases, where a wash simply won't do the trick, rug dying is necessary. This process goes a step further than washing, where we use a wool-safe dye to brighten discolored areas, giving the rug a refreshed look, as you can see in the example below. After we wash the rug, we apply the dye and allow it to lift the discoloration, afterward the rug is washed again with clean water and leaves us with the desired look.

Area rug dying - before and after

If you have a rug that has significant discoloration, do not worry that your area rug is ruined, because it can be fixed!

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