Does this look familiar? If so, we'll tell you how you can preserve the quality and value of your fine handmade area rugs with furry friends in the home.

Our animal companions keep us company, fetch the paper, and are always there for us when we're feeling under the weather, but owning a pet isn't always easy and they can be absolutely destructive when it comes to carpet and rugs.

Pet stains are not a serious problem, as long you have them removed from your rugs properly; harmful and smelly bacteria can be left behind in your rug if the rug is not cleaned with an appropriate method for pet related damage.

So, how are area rugs cleaned properly? Well, that process is a lot more involved than you might expect. Many rug cleaning services try to remove stains by spot-cleaning specific parts of the rug, but unfortunately, spot cleaning can never completely remove a stain, least of all those caused by dogs or cats.

Here at Main Street Oriental Rugs, we utilize a tried, true, and always effective method that obliterates odors and stains the right way: we soak your rugs multiple times and use neutralizing enzymes to lift stain discoloration and unpleasant odors, while taking extra, professional care to prevent dye-run -- we never use any harsh chemicals or detergents that could irreparably ruin a handmade area rug, we use gentle, coconut based soap that's specially formulated to safely clean your rugs. Once thoroughly cleaned, we allow your area rugs to air dry naturally.

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