Northeastern Blizzard 2016

The recent, record-breaking, blizzard that brought a whopping 29" of snow to the east coast over the previous weekend had a big impact, to say the least. Some of us are still shoveling out and attempting to get back to our normal schedules after the severe weather conditions forced road, work, and school closings for several days.

 Northeastern Blizzard 2016


With this type of snow fall, we often utilize salt and sand to melt snow and prevent slipping on icy walkways. The salt and sand sticks to our snow boots and gives them extra traction, which is just what you need during and after a heavy snowfall, however, this salt and sand usually gets tracked back into our homes with us, when we retreat indoors, and this can do some serious damage to handmade area rugs. The grit of snow salt and sand can build up in our handmade area rugs and have a corrosive affect that will begin to wear down the wool, it also looks unsightly; the longer the snow salt sits on the rugs, the harder it is to be removed.

 Northeastern Blizzard 2016

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Main Street Oriental Rugs wishes you a safe and sound winter season!


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